Fresh, healthy, even.Timber from the best domestic forests.

Our Products

Every year we produce 650.000 solid cubic meters of round timber logs. With a regular route of 12.000 km this complies with a journey from Munich to Hawaii. Every year we process over 400.000 solid cubic meters of timber, which is used for sustainable constructions all over the world.

By the way: Every solid cubic meter saves about a ton of carbon dioxode


We are a raw material supplier for manufacturers of

lamella for KVH

lamella for gluelam beams

Packaging lumber


Best wooden pellets from Weinzierl

Diametermm6 (±1) od 8 (±1)6
Lengthmm3,15 - 40 (max. 1 % bis 45)exactly defined
Bulk densitykg/m3≥ 600≥ 670
Calorific valueMJ/kg≥ 16,5≥ 17,5
Water contentMa.-%≤ 106 - 7,5
DustMa.-%≤ 1≤ 0,1
Mechanical strengthMa.-%≥ 98≥ 99
Ash contentMa.-%≤ 0,7≤ 0,3
Ashsofteningtemperature°C≥ 1200≥ 1300
Raw densitykg/dm3≥ 1,25
Icons Pellets


Accurately, reliably and with a sustainable promise of quality we produce our Weinzierl products. Our philosophy is built on strong values and traditions.

Experience in four generations

From a family business to one of the most efficient partners in the timber industry.