Fresh, healthy, even.Timber from the best domestic forests.

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Every year we produce 650.000 solid cubic meters of round timber logs. With a regular route of 12.000 km this complies with a journey from Munich to Hawaii. Every year we process over 400.000 solid cubic meters of timber, which is used for sustainable constructions all over the world.

By the way: Every solid cubic meter saves about a ton of carbon dioxode


We are a raw material supplier for manufacturers of

lamella for gluelam beams

lamella for KVH

Packaging lumber


HD+ Qualität Wooden pellets from Weinzierl

Diametermm6 (±1) od 8 (±1)6
Lengthmm3,15 - 40 (max. 1 % bis 45)exactly defined
Bulk densitykg/m3≥ 600≥ 670
Calorific valueMJ/kg≥ 16,5≥ 17,5
Water contentMa.-%≤ 106 - 7,5
DustMa.-%≤ 1≤ 0,1
Mechanical strengthMa.-%≥ 98≥ 99
Ash contentMa.-%≤ 0,7≤ 0,3
Ashsofteningtemperature°C≥ 1200≥ 1300
Raw densitykg/dm3≥ 1,25
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Unique technology. Custom-made wood pellets

What conventional production cannot technically do, we confidently manage with the HD pellet technology installed in our pellet presses: custom-made wood pellets in the ideal mix of lengths - without excess lengths and with a drastically reduced proportion of short, breakage and dust. And because HD pellets are also more stable, this quality advantage is retained right through to the customer's pellet store.

You can also find detailed information about the innovative HD pellet technology and the superior quality of HD pellets at

Accurately, reliably and with a sustainable promise of quality we produce our Weinzierl products. Our philosophy is built on strong values and traditions.

Experience in four generations

From a family business to one of the most efficient partners in the timber industry.